JDBC Connection Wrapper Class

This project is no longer maintained

Tired with wrapping all your JDBC calls in Try.. Catch statements? Fed up with long winded database connection code?  
  Try DBConnection

Welcome to the first opensource release of DBConnection.

com.webprofusion.utli.db.DBConnection is a simple wrapper object for JDBC database connections and currently supports MySQL & MS SQL Server. Also included in this package are the classes com.webprofusion.utils.StringUtils and com.webprofusion.SiteProperties - The dbconnection object currently uses this class to load settings for the DB Connection at runtime (this lets you define a properties file which specifies the dbengine and connection info.

Usage Examples

An Example usage of the DBConnection object would be:

String sql;
DBConnection conn=new DBConnection();
conn.open(); //do this before you use a new DBConnection..

sql="insert into DiscussionMessages values ("+StringUtils.inQuotes(myname)+","+StringUtils.inQuotes(message)+","+conn.getCurrentDateSQL()+")";

conn.close(); //always do this when finished using the DBConnection

Or :

DBConnection conn = new DBConnection();

String sql="select name from Users";

conn.openQueryRS(sql); //use this to open your query results

while(conn.rs.next()) //loop through results (if any)
System.out.println("hello "+conn.rs.getString("name"));

conn.closeQueryRS(); //always close result set

You can perform any number of DBConnection.executeUpdate("...") or DBConnection.openQueryRS("...")
as long as you don't nest another operation inside an openQueryRS/closeQueryRS, if you need to nest a query, create a new DBConnection to handle it.

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